Better- half.

That early rainy evening, how can I forget That sound which just break and tease my heart. It gives me unbearable pain, filled with this toxic rain! I, a musician a pale face looks like seventy in my twenties. Wonders door to door. Club, pubs and bars streets of mersona 5 in centuries. My shattered dreams, my alone hungry nights says my sights! Today’s rain will take everyone’s out. Me, my dreams And my shouts! It’s my Rosy who’s anniversary, my poor fate! Her smile, her proud eyes, happiness and that scarf! Brown long hair, sparks rather than stars. Always murmuring how much she loved! I loose All this. For the time I regret! The worst I am than her worn shoes. A husband with no fortunes no clues! 50 coins I get for my tackeld coat, 20 for pins rest for the ice- cream, debated myself feets arrived. The lights of candle make me surprised, she wished me! How lucky I am. Worshipped for what! A coat brouch she gave me as the return of her hair! I gave her pins. And that’s kind of love we share.